On Site Stainless Steel Polishing

All at some time, require the professional touch from the HIT-Men team to re-invigorate the appearance of Stainless Steel fixtures & fittings.

Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Hot Plates, stoves and ovens, develop a carbon build-up The Team from HIT-Men has the expertise to remove all build-ups.

Commercial Kitchens & Cafetarias

Kitchens should have an annual shutdown schedule when all appliances fixtures and fittings should be cleaned polished and serviced while all walls, ceilings and floors should be stripped, scrub washed and anti-bacterial treated.

The Team from HIT-Men are experts in the organizing and management of such services

Decontamination Services

Regular decontamination services are required in a variety of situations such as Health Care, Public Transport, Restaurants, Schools & Day Care Centres. The Team from HIT-Men provide the level of safety you require.