Biohazard Control, Decontamination, Cleanup, and Restoration

Dealing with what others don't or can't handle.


  • Washrooms

  • Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

  • Public Facilities

  • Schools & Colleges

  • Factories

  • High Rise Buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Sports Fields, Parks & Reserves

We’re here to help . . .

Washroom and kitchen conditions have a direct, immediate impact on an organisation's image. Few areas generate complaints faster than a service room which is poorly maintained.

State of the art containment, sanitation & treatment methods

Washroom Facilities include many hazards which can present serious long-term health implications. We fully understand the hazards involved and the protocols of biohazard control, treatment, sanitation & restoration. The team from HIT-Men have the training and technical skills to deal with the unique problems found in our treatment areas.

OSH Approved procedures

The team from HIT-Men operate under a strict Health & Safety Policy designed to protect both our clients and their customers. We use industry standard procedures and guides for dealing with biohazard situations. We are accustomed to working with chemicals and equipment during our treatment processes.

Some facts you really don’t want to know

Toilet and washroom areas are superb breeding areas for bacteria and viruses Micro-organisms such as the Coliform bacterium (E Coli), T. vaginalis (thrush), Salmonelia, Staphylucocci, Shingeliae Guardia and others are found in toilet areas Contamination occurs through deposits, splashing and direct contact. [More]