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"Hygiene Intensive Treatments are our principal contractors for the Deep Cleaning and Renovation of our Client's Washroom Facilities. We recognize them as our arm of quality, which is strengthened by the many positive comments we receive from customers."

NZ Hygiene Ltd
Helen Pritchard
Sales Manager


"Three years ago our problems throughout the facilities of our large complex were major with blockages, appearance and odour problems.

Hygiene Intensive Treatments took over management of our washroom facilities with the result that our facilities are of premium standard, we receive compliments from users instead of complaints. Odour & blockage problems have been eliminated."

Auckland Showgrounds – Royal Easter Show
Peter Wrigley - Grounds Management


"For our school your company was the only answer to remedy the unsavoury conditions found in our student washrooms.


Facing the expensive exercise of replacing our entire facilities, we were introduced to Hygiene Intensive Treatments who not only renovated the urinals and pans to an excellent standard but have continued to maintain them in this manner.


What can I say but "wow". I would not only recommend this company but also suggest that there is a place for them in most of our secondary schools throughout NZ."


Kirk Storie / Property Manager
Glenfield College


"During a recent refurbishment contract the state of the urinals were a cause of major concern. We were considering replacing at significant expense when the services of Hygiene Intensive Treatments were bought to our attention. The results were amazing. The urinals were treated, polished and renovated equal to new standard. We have here a company who did exactly as they promised."

Carolyn O’Donaghue
Domus Design Ltd
Project Manager - Refurbishment
University ofWollongong - Auckland Campus



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